Saturday, 15 October 2016

Day 1 of Iceland Road Trip - Reykjavik, Iceland

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We spent the morning at Blue Lagoon and then went to Reykjavik Harbour for lobster soup. 

Sægreifinn or The Seabaron is known for their lobster soup (Not lobster bisque, but lobster soup). The soup is flavourful and really warms you up. The bread is pretty good too. Unfortunately, we came on a day when they didn't have any seafood skewers, so we got the soup.

After lunch, we did some wandering around the harbour and the downtown area and saw our first hot dog stand. We couldn't resist grabbing a hot dog since we've heard so much about these Icelandic hot dogs. These were really good - it's all about that sauce and the fried onions - Yum!

Autumn Delight
Apples, Pecan Ice Cream, Cinnamon and maple syrup! It was okay and would have been better if we sat there and ate in the store. However, we decided to take it to go (which was a terrible decision in hindsight). Lesson learned: don't ever take a crepe to go (it's not worth the headache of transporting it and it's not as good). 


Icelandic Plate I: mashed fish, sheep head jelly and smoked trout
A really interesting combination. I had a hard time eating the sheep head jelly. I was just a little too grossed out by the idea of it - even though it was half meat and kinda gelatinous. 
Not a fan of the mashed fish either (yellow blob). 

Icelandic Plate II
All the well-known Icelandic specialties in one: fermented shark (in cubes in the tiny container) and dried fish with butter, trout, lamb and mashed fish. 
This was the ultimate platter and eating fermented shark an experience. Be prepared to eat only a tiny part of one of the cubed pieces - the aroma won't hit you until you've bitten into it. Warning: it can be vomit-inducing. 

Icelandic Plate III: mashed fish, herring and Rye Bread Ice cream
Probably the safest plate if you don't like strong flavours like lamb or sheep or fermented shark meat. 
The Rye Bread ice cream is fantastic. We would order it alone if we could.

Icelandic Plate IV 2.550 ISK
This platter was really interesting with the trout tarte and it's layers of rye bread. The salad dressing was a bit of a miss for me - it just tasted sour. However, the rye bread ice cream was AMAZING. 

I really liked my Cafe Loki experience and I would recommend it for reasonably priced Icelandic cuisine.

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