Saturday, 8 October 2016


I've heard so many great things about Scaramouche and it's known for being a classy restaurant for big occasions or celebrations. I think there was so much hype about this restaurant that it became over-hyped for me. 

One of the best parts of the experience was our phenomenal bus boy who was so quick to refill our water and clear our plates. Everything else just didn't quite meet our heighten expectations. 

 The food was okay, but not really worth the price. The actual food service was so slow: it took us an hour to get our entree from the time we ordered it to the time we were actually served. Our server also went MIA for a while.

Amuse bouche
A nice refreshing appetizer
The octopus was really tender and nice, but the navy bean puree tasted a little strange and maybe a tad too salty. (I wasn't really a fan of the olive flavour though). 

Filet Mignon
We thought this totally missed the mark and it was $49. It also wasn't like it was the best steak we've ever tried either. The portion size was a little disappointing.

Sea Bass
The fish was yummy and it was beautifully presented, but again very overpriced. 

Pork chop special
The mustard with the pork was good as was the sweet blueberry sauce. I enjoyed the barley grains and I thought this dish touched on the sweet, sour, savoury combo of flavours the best out of the entrees. The crispy pork skin was only okay. 
Coconut cream pie
The pie was okay - I think it's overrated on Yelp. It was a coconut + cream + flaky pie crust. 

Overall: I don't think I'll be back to celebrate any occasion here, it's just way too expensive and there are much better options around the city. 

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