Sunday, 16 October 2016

Day 2 of Iceland Road Trip - Vik, Iceland

Breakfast at Aurora Guesthouse before the start of our road trip:
(Cucumbers, tomatoes, ham, cheese and bread are popular breakfast items here - especially since the Guesthouse breakfasts are usually complementary)

 20161016_094802 20161016_104523
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20161016_114027 20161016_120946

We stopped by Halldorskaffi in the town of Vik for a late lunch:
20161016_152642 20161016_144245
We saw on the reviews that they were known for their pizza, so we ordered one to share.
We got the Bryde's special because it seemed the most interesting and it was pretty good! (I didn't think I'd find pineapple pizza in Iceland).

Lamb sandwich with chips


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