Monday, 17 October 2016

Day 3 of Iceland Road Trip - Hofn, Iceland

20161017_125343 20161017_114256Jökulsárlón

We grabbed a hot dog at a gas station on on route to Hofn
Yum! Those crispy onions were back and I used all of their sauces to see which one was the best. 

When we got to Hofn, we asked our host at Apotek Guesthouse about some dinner options. They suggested Hafnarbuðin. It's a quick service restaurant serving sandwiches to locals for reasonable prices (vs. the touristy lobster places selling entrees for double the price).  
20161017_193236 20161017_18564920161017_191248 
A sandwich with fries inside!
Langoustine Sandwich
Great sandwich! There was a lot of fried lobster and it was seasoned nicely with a good combination of veggies and sauce. It was also a reasonably priced sandwich considering the other options in town were way more. 

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