Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Day 4 of Iceland Road Trip - Egilsstaðir, Iceland

Breakfast at Apotek:
Look! There's cookies!

20161018_093207 20161018_100921
We had perfect weather on the drive? (Usually Iceland is overcast or rainy).

This rainbow over the Bonus grocery store made me like Bonus a LOT more. We stocked up on snacks and food for our road trip.
20161018_174018 20161018_174642
We went to Salt Cafe and Bistro for dinner since we were starving and it was near the Bonus grocery store.
20161018_180301 20161018_180816
Benni's Burger 2.790 ISK - I thought I asked for onion rings instead of fries, but I think the waitress misunderstood me and gave me both. (The onion rings were expensive 😢 900 ISK).

20161018_180823 20161018_181046
Steak and curry chicken sandwich
The food was okay - it was filling at least.

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