Saturday, 22 October 2016

Day 8 of Iceland Road Trip - Reykjavik, Iceland

A nice start to the day at Guesthouse Aurora again:

Sun Voyager

On the recommendation of the Cafe Loki staff (since we LOVED their rye bread ice cream), we went to try more Icelandic ice cream at Valdis, but I got distracted by a bakery on my way from the car to the ice cream shop. 
17 Sortir had a fantastic display and I saw this little morsel that I had to try: 
20161022_124141 20161022_124056
So I packed up this hazelnut crunch cupcake and took it to go.
20161022_124849 20161022_130527
So good! It was crunchy on the bottom, hazelnut flavour was infused everywhere and crispy with the meringue on top. 

Then I went to Valdis:
20161022_124303 20161022_124307
Licorice is really big here, but I didn't like either of the licorice ice creams, so I got pistachio and almond. 
Yum! But I think I like the gelato version more. 

Then we were at the airport, where I picked up a sandwich before my 5 hour flight home:
The I, Caesar was demolished in seconds before boarding my flight. :)

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