Saturday, 22 October 2016

Day 8 of Iceland Road Trip - Reykjavik, Iceland

A nice start to the day at Guesthouse Aurora again:

Sun Voyager

On the recommendation of the Cafe Loki staff (since we LOVED their rye bread ice cream), we went to try more Icelandic ice cream at Valdis, but I got distracted by a bakery on my way from the car to the ice cream shop. 
17 Sortir had a fantastic display and I saw this little morsel that I had to try: 

So I packed up this hazelnut crunch cupcake and took it to go.
So good! It was crunchy on the bottom, hazelnut flavour was infused everywhere and crispy with the meringue on top. 

Then I went to Valdis:
Licorice is really big here, but I didn't like either of the licorice ice creams, so I got pistachio and almond. 
Yum! But I think I like the gelato version more. 

Then we were at the airport, where I picked up a sandwich before my 5 hour flight home:
The I, Caesar was demolished in seconds before boarding my flight. :)

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