Saturday, 1 October 2016

East Side Mario's @ Eglinton Town Centre

October 1, 2016
East Side Mario's has a promotion 11 dishes for $11 each and unlimited soup/salad and garlic bread. I haven't been back in years (as a poor student, I'd load up on the free salad and soup and take home my entree to get the most bang for my buck). 
Caesar Salad
Huge bowl and unlimited refills! The salad was just a typical salad with Renee's salad dressing, but there were a lot of bacon chunks, croutons and cheese - so that made me happy.

Chicken pasta with tomato sauce
Create your own pasta! Pretty straight forward - they gave me a lots of chicken breast strips with my fettuccine and tomato sauce.

Chicken Alfredo
The alfredo was okay - if a tad salty.

Sauteed Basa filet with stir-fry vegetables
Actually pretty good - the fish was flaky and nicely cooked and the veggie stirfry was pretty tasty.

September 24, 2016

Riso Italiano
Chicken breast with rice, spinach and tomato

Bowtie pasta with rose sauce and chicken
A Create Your Own pasta - the rose sauce was okay, but the bow ties were a little undercooked.

The $11 meal promotion was a pretty good deal with the unlimited salad and garlic bread, but I felt like the quality of the food took a bit of a nose dive - there's nothing really amazing about this restaurant chain though. 

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