Friday, 25 August 2017

iHalo Krunch

Today is an Ice Cream Crawl day! After hitting up Bang Bang, we headed east towards iHalo Krunch for the Instagram-able Charcoal and Ube Ice cream. 
20170825_185017 20170825_185846
Also a lineup...

There was a perfectly painted black and white wall next to iHalo Krunch - clearly a place for tons of people to Instagram. It is pretty picture perfect though: 
Charcoal and Ube soft service ice cream
I'm not too sure what I kind of flavour I was going to get from the charcoal ice cream, but it wasn't really strong or charcoal-like. It was a kind of subtle coconut flavour. Actually I thought I got more flavour from the ube than the charcoal. The ube was rather light as well - it looked really nice, but I'm not too sure I'd pay that much for the soft-serve again. I'd rather get the ube ice cream at Bang Bang.

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