Sunday, 20 May 2012

Calle Ocho - NYC

Manhattan Island from the Staten Island Ferry!

Statue of Liberty from the Ferry (N.K.)

Boozy Brunch time at Calle Ocho

Very Spanish! They really know how to set a theme here with the Latin music and bright colours. 

They even gave me a crash course on how to enjoy your boozy brunch.
Unlimited sangria and eight different varieties to choose from! As I lightweight, I couldn't really appreciate the complementary sangria seeing as I could barely handle one (they were 20 oz. each and very strong). I was kinda disappointed since I wanted to try more of the different types - oh well. 
Fresas and Mojito

This was the best bread basket ever! 
Chocolate chip bread, moist and soft mini muffins, fresh from the oven warm pandebono: mmm bread bliss! The strawberry butter was a little strange though... 

I loved the menu! I almost had difficulty choosing what to eat because everything sounded so interesting.

Tortilla Española 
Spanish Frittata with asparagus, potatoes, piquillo peppers and wild mushrooms over crab enchilado
I thought this dish was great! There was a hint of heat in the sauce that made it appetizing (near the end though, the dish got too hot for me). I enjoyed the frittata, which was a relatively big portion of food, in combination with the crab enchilado - each mouthful was a fiesta!

Cachapa de Salmon
Venezuelan sweet corn crepes, smoked salmon scrambled eggs, caper red onion and crema nata
I really liked this dish too! The salmon flavour was present in the scrambled eggs in the crepe (even if we barely saw the salmon) and it was cooked very well. The crepes had a light, sweet and delicate taste in comparison to the tortilla, but I thought it was fantastic with the sauce. 

Overall: I enjoyed my experience here (almost completely sober). The food is great, service is good too (the table next to us finished their drinks super fast and were served more drinks just as fast), and the decor and ambiance are all suited to the theme. It's a great boozy brunch place because the prices are reasonable and the drinks are free (so if you can drink your weight in alcohol without making a ruckus - then you'll love this place).

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