Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Il Fornello @ Bayview Village

The Wood fire oven!

Pizza Salmone
smoked salmon, fresh mozzarella, panna di cucina (mascarpone cream), arugula, lemon

Very nice! I would have liked the pizza crust to be crispier since they do have a wood fire oven. As it was, the crust was slightly thicker and more doughy than I expected for a wood fire oven pizza. I thought the
smoked salmon was nice with the cheese, but the arugula felt like a salad on top of the pizza. 

Gorgonzola pizza
gorganzola, pears, caramelized onions, walnuts, arugula 

The gorganzola wasn't too overwhelming and the pairing with the pears, onions and arugula went really nicely - I love the combination. However, I thought this pizza felt like a salad tossed and thrown on top rather than an actual pizza with the ingredients baked in. 

Penne Capri 
grilled chicken, mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes, white wine, garlic, grana padano

I felt that the sauce was rather light and didn't quite bring the whole dish together. There was a lot of white wine sauce at the bottom and nothing in the dish particularly stood out (everything was simply ok but not exceptional or anything special and for $19 I was expecting more)

orrechiette salsiccia
house made sausage, rapini, chilis, red onions, pecorino 

This was really delicious! There's a bit of heat from the sausage or the chilis and it was definitely something different and interesting. I thought it was really nicely done even though it didn't really have any sauce to bring everything together instead the flavours of all the ingredients more than made up for it.

Really nice! Maybe too much powder on the top, but the ladyfingers were soaked in liqueur and the mascapone cheese was yummy. I'm not too sure I understand the purpose of that drop of caramel or the whipped cream but it was a very good tiramisu.

Overall: I found the menu a little difficult to choose from since nothing particularly stood out to me as a must-try pasta. I'm a big fan of great pasta sauces and to me, the choices for sauces weren't very appealing. In a way, I felt that the menu was too simplistic and light - where are all the heavy cream sauce options or the rose options? (the gnocchi wasn't on the menu when I went - but I'm sure I would have loved that!). The food was ok, but the prices were definitely way more expensive than I expected especially seeing how simple the ingredients were. They have some good promotions such as $10 pizza on Tuesday nights and a lunch buffet for $15, but I probably won't be back for the regular priced items. 
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