Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pinkberry @ Nolita - NYC

Before we even left for New York, I got a whole bunch of recommendations from friends about where to eat in NYC. One of the "Must-Eat Dessert places" that everyone agreed on was Pinkberry for Frozen Yogurt.
Luckily, on our way to Lombardi's pizza to pick up dinner, we passed by one of the stores (Yay!)
The blurry menu
I sampled most of the flavours: lychee was fragrant and light, salted caramel was so good I probably could have ate it by itself but I wanted to get some toppings - so I chose peach.
I love their business concept: one price for the frozen yogurt and all the toppings you can fit on top of the cup. You know I'm going to go crazy with this hahaha! In Toronto, I have to pay by weight for all the toppings I can put on top of my frozen yogurt (which means you could have a $15 dessert at the end of it).

A small Peach frozen yogurt with oreo cookie crumbs, a flaky waffle cookie, mango pieces, raspberries and chocolate sauce drizzled on top - YUM!
The frozen yogurt was smooth and creamy and with all the toppings - it was really good! I think my favourite here was the waffle cookie: it was dainty and cute and when you bit into it, it was tasty and crispy.

Overall: Definitely one of the best frozen yogurt places I've tried and the prices are so reasonable!!! The service is pretty fast and I like that they mix up their menu every once in a while to keep things exciting. 

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