Saturday, 3 November 2012


Costco! I haven't been in I was kind of excited.
You've got to love their super cheap food too:

$1.50 hotdog & drink and $4.29 for a huge box of poutine with huge cheese curds and tons of gravy
I knew they did cheap bulk items - but I didn't know it extended to cheap abundant food portions in the fast food take-out area. 
This definitely gives Ikea a run for its money - It's not the most gourmet meal or the best hot dog ever, but $1.50 for a hot dog and drink??? and unlimited toppings like relish, onions and hot peppers - I'm not complaining. And the poutine! Those cheese curds are HUGE and they're pretty good - I wish they melted it  in the microwave, but the fries were crispy and the gravy was hot - so I enjoyed it.

My other favourite thing at Costco: store made Tiramisu $14.99 for a huge block (1/4 of it was eaten when this picture was taken)

Layers of delicious tiramisu cake
A good, cheap and delicious tiramisu in case you can't afford Paese's tiramisu. I recommend this.

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