Friday, 25 July 2014

Gi Kee Restaurant - Hong Kong

We were told that there's a dai pai dong (food court) in the Wong Nai Chung Market and Cooked Food Centre in Happy Valley that serves really good food. So we went to check it out:
IMAG4676 photo 
It definitely wasn't like any food court I've ever been to - they had two stalls open and apparently there were specific seating areas for each stall. We were given two sets of menus and we took a look through both before deciding on Gi Kee Restaurant. However, we noticed that most people who came to the food court already knew which stall they were eating from. 
Also, people from each stall came and took orders from your table - so it was kind of like a restaurant set up, but the two stalls shared the same food court space.
Clams in black bean sauce
The sauce was really good and the clams were really fresh! The dish had a lot of balance with the sweetness of the clams and the saltiness of the black bean sauce. Nice!

Shrimp Paste Tofu
The tofu was super silky and the shrimp paste was made with real shrimp rather than the processed and pre-packaged shrimp paste. Amazing!
Deep fried Minced Garlic Chicken
This is the dish that they're known for and it's no wonder! The minced garlic was so good that we finished all the crumbs on the plate and the chicken was fried to perfection and the meat was so juicy. I could eat multiple portions of this! It was so good!

Overall: I feel like we discovered a treasure in a random food court in Hong Kong. Gi Kee Restaurant was soooo good! Everything was delicious and all the ingredients were very fresh. 

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