Sunday, 20 July 2014

Kaohsiung (Kaohsiung Night Market) - Taiwan

The storm started as we were heading into Kaoshiung and the shot I got on the bus made it seem like the pollution from the factories were creating the storm clouds.

When we arrived in Kaohsiung, we went to the night market
IMAG4516 IMAG4521

We walked around in the pouring rain, but since it was raining so hard - we ended up going to a sit-down stall and eating while waiting for the rain to stop


The place we ate at:
IMAG4515 IMAG4511

Pork balls and noodles soup with lots of cilantro

Chicken dumplings
They were really pink inside...but we didn't have any stomach problems the next day, so I assume they were fully cooked.

Shrimp and beef noodle soup

You also got a choice between noodles and vermicelli
This was actually pretty good - the broth was tasty and it was reasonably priced.

IMAG4509  IMAG4508
Five Spiced Tofu
This dish was really good! Although the garlic was kinda spicy.

When the rain cleared up, we grabbed some stuff as snacks for later on in the night (in case we got hungry):

IMAG4525 IMAG4524
Beef and Green Onion fried roll
It was really oily and not as crunchy as I would have liked
The beef was pretty good, but there wasn't enough sauce in the roll

Sugar Cane drinks

We had breakfast the next morning at the Citizen hotel.


Pretty simple really: beef, fried rice, vermicelli, eggs, daikon, sausages, Taiwanese beef stew and some peanuts - pretty tasty too! 

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