Sunday, 13 July 2014

Korean Folk Village - South Korea

We went to visit the Korean Folk Village and saw lots of signs showing popular Korean dramas were filmed all around the Village. Some of the dramas included Daejanggeum, My Love from the Star, The Moon embracing Sun, Seonggyungwan Scandal and Arang Satto.
<Scene from My Love from the Star>

Our lunch spot

Side dishes


Bibimbap is a bowl of rice served in a stone pot with beef, vegetables (carrots, daikon, sprouts, spinach), seaweed and a raw egg on top. The ingredients are stirred together before eating and usually soy sauce and hot sauce are added in to give it more flavour.
Pretty good! I understand why Koreans love their hot sauce now - it adds a lot more flavour to the simple ingredients. I thought it was really nice that we ate in the village too - it felt like we were eating a simple traditional meal in the Joseon era. 

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