Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Koreana Hotel Buffet Breakfast - Seoul

Seoul's historical pavillion:

Performance at the Airport

Whenever we were in Seoul, our tour group always stayed at the Koreana Hotel. 
After the disaster that was the Del Pino breakfast buffet, we were so grateful for our Seoul breakfasts. The hotel was okay, but in South Korea you have to pay for things like toothbrushes, toothpaste and extra bottles of water (when other hotels across Asia provide these things for free).  It's kind of scary when you see that your toothbrush set costs ₩3,000 (~ $3 CAD)

Restaurant for the Breakfast Buffet
Omelette with cheese and ham
The eggs were a little runny (or watered down) which made the omelette not as deliciously egg-y tasting. 

IMAG4311  IMAG4349
Western style breakfast on the left and Asian breakfast on the right
Western style breakfast had pancakes, french toast, fruit salad, yogurt (which was pretty good despite being a bit watery) and the Asian breakfast had miso soup (really good - I went back for more helpings), hard boiled eggs, seaweed on rice and some kind of fish. 
Omelette, "hat cakes" (pancakes), sausages and miso soup
Sadly, it wasn't maple syrup (just normal simple syrup)

Hot dogs, salad, noodles, omelette and more miso soup

The salad bar was pretty good - they constantly changed the salad leaves (I had chicory on another day). Dumpling weren't that great. 

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