Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Laguna Chiu Chow Restaurant - Hong Kong

According to friends, Laguna City has one of the best Chiu Chow restaurants in Hong Kong (and it's always super busy at the restaurant). 
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Ginkgo and pork stomach soup
Pretty good! It was an interesting contrast with the strong acidity from the pork stomach and the nutty milder taste from the ginkgo nuts. 

Chiu Chow Cold Crabs
What an intriguing way to eat crabs! The crabs were fully cooked, but served chilled. It really brings out the sweet flavour of the crab (and it was much easier to eat chilled since the shells weren't as hard to break as they normally are when the crabs are boiled)

Marinated Duck
Otherwise known as "鹵水鴨" or "old water duck" with tofu underneath
The sauce was really great and the duck was cooked perfectly with the savoury sauce

Deep Fried Tiger Shrimp with spicy salt
Very flavourful! 

Spring Rolls

Braised Mullet Fish in a Lemon Sauce
The fish was tender and delicious (although the lemon sauce was not exactly what I expected from a lemon sauce - it wasn't sour or anything). Very good! 

Beef rib with spicy honey sauce
Very sticky sauce coated these ribs

Asian chicken is so much tastier than North American chickens. 
That said, this chicken was perfectly juicy and moist with a nice crackly skin on the outside and delicious white meat inside. Yum! 

Dried fish and kai-lan
Chiu chow spices are really tasty. 

Mung bean dessert
For a dessert, it wasn't that sweet and it was this thick viscous liquid with little flavour. I wasn't a fan. 

Overall: Great Chiu Chow food at Laguna Chiu Chow Restaurant! The service was great and the food was delicious (and a new experience since I've never tried authentic Chiu Chow recipes before). 

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