Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Passion - Hong Kong

We were in Wan Chai for the day and a friend recommended a French restaurant and patisserie with some amazing desserts. 

I never get sick of this view! It's so amazing! 

On Amoy Street
IMAG4622 IMAG4623
Wow! Everything looked so good in here! There were gourmet sandwiches, salads, cakes, macarons, tarts, French breads and a whole lot more.

S'mores hot chocolate, Red Berry Cupcake, mango coconut and pistachio macaron and pear tart
The macarons were perfect! The feet were perfectly done and the fillings were really tasty - c'est très délicieux! The pear tart was really nicely done too with a crispy crust and sweet glazed pears on top. The cupcake wasn`t really a cupcake - it was a cake baked into the porcelain cup and really heavy strawberry buttercream placed on top. 

Cream of asparagus soup and desserts! 
The soup was very nice - flavourful and hearty.

Corned Beef Brisket with Melted Cheese
I thought it was so much better toasted! The sandwich was nice and everything, but it was really the salads that stood out here: 

Large salad: Fruity Turkey Salad, Mixed Greens and Californian Shell Pasta
OMG! I loved the Californian Shell Pasta salad - it was soooo good! It was this great combination of everything I like: pasta, a nice thick and creamy sauce and chunks of chicken. The fruity turkey salad was good too and the mixed greens were okay (pretty normal) - but the pasta salad was definitely the highlight. 

Overall: Great place for desserts and for lunch! I really enjoyed everything I had here and I'd love to come back and try everything on their menu since it all looks so good! 

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