Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Seoul (Day 2) - South Korea

We finally came back to Seoul for the last two days before flying out tomorrow!
We went to Myeongdong to go shopping. Fun fact about Korean department stores: it's not one gigantic retailer (like Hudson's Bay Company, Sears, Macy's etc.) instead it's a massive mall with a lot of smaller individual shops.  Another interesting point about Korean culture: there were also a lot of younger girls wearing surgical masks in Myeongdong and it's took me a while before I realized they weren't wearing them because they were sick.

Lunch at JNJ Dragon! Finally something with an English name :D

All vegetarian side dishes

More hot pot, but this time with dumplings instead of meat.
There were also cloud ear fungus, chicory, tofu skin, tofu, carrots and free second helpings of dumplings. The dumplings were good! And in this case, we got soy sauce instead of hot sauce and they were still good.

Seoul at Night

Our last dinner was ramyun:
Other ingredients: strips of canned ham, sprouts, luncheon meat, green onions, tofu and more.

A decent low budget meal
I find it fascinating that North Korean elites enjoy "ramyeon" - it's such a reversal from the rest of the world where the poor eat instant noodles because it's so cheap. 

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