Monday, 21 July 2014

Taichung (Taichung Night Market) - Taiwan

Next on the Taiwan Tour was the Sun Moon Lake area where we went on a boat cruise
View from the dock

Sun Moon Lake

Wen Wu Temple view of the lake

We had lunch nearby the Sun Moon Lake before heading to Taichung
The vegetable dish was...different. 
It had some kind of mayonnaise on top (definitely not how you normally cook it)

Rice, mushroom dish, chicken dish, fish in soy sauce and soup

Spicy vermicelli (it looked a little scary and it was pretty spicy)

Dinner was served at the Taichung Night Market (Fengjia Night Market)
This was definitely more what we expected from a night market in Taiwan!
Lots of options, delicious smelling food, line-ups and people

IMAG4541 IMAG4544
We saw a few stalls selling these massive chicken cutlets
We couldn't resist trying one since they looked so good (and they were so cheap NT$60 ~ $3 CAD)

They make it to order so when we got our chicken order - it was fresh from the fryer and grill with a sweet sauce drizzled over it. Absolutely amazing! It was pretty difficult eating something that hot with a skewer, but we managed since we were so hungry and it was so delicious. There was a little cartilage and some bones, but it just made it more authentic (at least we have comfort that it's real chicken meat)

After walking the whole night market area, we decided to go to another sit-down restaurant and have a more filling meal.

Ramen noodles with pork, corn, bamboo shoots, fake fish cake in a creamy broth

Pork Steak with spaghetti in a gravy sauce
The raw egg was a little random and the pork portion was huge.

We found another fruit stand on our way back to the bus
IMAG4551 IMAG4557
So we picked up some Asian pears, yellow watermelon, pear apples, papayas and of course the sweet mangoes

The following morning we had the breakfast buffet at the Hamilton Hotel
Pretty typical except for the weird fish cakes (which I mistook for chicken nuggets again - I guess these are popular in Taiwan) and the faux cinnamon roll (it wasn't cinnamon inside!)

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