Friday, 25 July 2014

Xin Dau Ji (Tsuen Wan) - Hong Kong

Another branch of Xin Dau Ji in Tsuen Wan:

Chicken, Chinese sausage, mushroom and rice in clay pot 
It was pretty good! The soy sauce was sweet and the meats and vegetables were savoury all on a bed of rice cooked in a clay pot. 

Zhaliang and Yu Choy
Crunchy youtiao wrapped in rice noodle was really good

Roast suckling pig skin, noodles, har gow and vegetables in beancurd wrap

Siu Mai

Stuffed tofu with pork and shrimp paste
The tofu was super soft and the sauce was good. 

Egg custard bun and ma lai go (Hong Kong steamed sponge cake)
I really liked both desserts! The ma lai go was sweet, but not too sweet and quite fluffy and yummy! 
It was my first time trying an egg custard bun:
Really good! It was super hot inside with the egg custard spilling out the second I ripped open the bun. 

Overall: I think the quality of the food is better at the Causeway Bay location. The atmosphere at the Tsuen Wan location was more casual and friendly and not as formal as the Causeway Bay location.

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