Sunday, 2 August 2015

Congee Delight

After a full day hiking in Hamilton (and some great pictures to show for it!), I was starving. 


We went to Congee Delight to celebrate a birthday (even though I was a little woozy from sun stroke and dehydration). 
Luckily, Chinese restaurants are really good about refilling your water glass or tea and they usually serve a soup:
Starter soup (with orange peel)
Mushrooms with Bok Choy and Fried Crispy Chicken
Typical vegetarian dish and meat dish - the chicken skin was really crispy, but I probably could have done without the shrimp chips.  

Braised Grouper Tail and Tofu
Apparently this is a good deal for $17 since grouper tail is usually a lot more. However, there was barely any meat on the grouper tail and it was more tofu and grouper skin than anything else. 

Chinese donut (youtiao) with fish cake inside
A specialty here - and really quite good! 
Red bean and tapioca dessert

Overall: Good service (they did an excellent job of constantly refilling my water glass since I kept guzzling water due to my slight dehydration) and the food was pretty good. 

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