Saturday, 1 August 2015

John’s Chinese BBQ

We heard the BBQ pork (char siu) is really good here and we've been looking for a good Cantonese roasted meat restaurant for a while. 

Typical for most Chinese restaurants, we got a starter soup. 

Then they delivered their most popular dish right away:
BBQ pork with rice
The char siu was really tender and sweet - I thought they used a little too much honey with their soy sauce making it a tad too sweet. However, I could see why people came back here even though it is on the expensive side. 

Stir Fried Noodles with Pork
It looked really good and it was okay for the most part - nothing exceptional. 

Shanghai Fried Noodles
I found this a little on the bland side after the stir fried noodles and char siu.  It just lacked a strong flavour (usually I like my Shanghai noodles with more of a meat flavour or soy sauce flavour, but I think all the vegetables kind of diluted those flavours). 

Overall: A decent experience - the service was quick and the food was okay. However, the restaurant didn't really stand out to me. 

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