Monday, 1 February 2016

Est West Cafe

February 1, 2016
Now whenever I feel like eating a slightly healthier lunch, I go t Est West. 
Another small salad with two types of pasta salads (one was a creamy tuna and the other was tomato sauce) and I got some broccoli and some other salads crammed into this small container.  It was yummy as always and such a cheap deal.

November 24, 2015
Tucked away in the corner of the food court in the Ontario Power Building at 700 University is probably one of the cheapest and most filling lunches you can get for under $6. 

Small Salad 
The box was jam packed with all the salads and miscellaneous items they had prepared. 
I had glass noodles, tuna pasta shells, penne pasta, peppers, broccoli and so much more crammed into that tiny container.  And all of this was super filling for less than $6 including taxes. 

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