Thursday, 29 September 2016

Otto's Berlin Döner

I was so excited when Otto's Berlin Döner opened up and I finally had a place to go for German Döner Kebabs! 
Small Chicken Döner Teller
I was thinking of getting a kebab, but then decided I wanted a more hearty meal in a box. 
The ingredients were all fresh, but I felt like it was still missing something compared to what I had in Berlin. It might have been the spices or the fact that it wasn't like the street food in Berlin (definitely classier & prettier). It was a good döner experience, but somehow it didn't quite meet my expectations (which may have been a little too high). 


Monday, 26 September 2016

Mill Creek Chocolate - Kincardine

The Smoothies!
I bought one of each flavour including raspberry, mint, caramel and more.
The chocolates lived up to their smoothie name since the flavour was so smooth and silky and it just melted on my tongue with a rich milk chocolate taste.  I would highly recommend any of the flavours and my favourite was the raspberry smoothie since it had this great aromatic raspberry flavour that I could immediately taste when I bit into it.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Bombay Street Food

This restaurant opened up a little while ago and it looks amazing! I've been meaning to try it for a while and I finally stopped by for some chai tea:

Cutting Chai
The cup smelt delicious with all the aromatic spices, but when I actually tried it - the flavours were really diluted by the water.  The drink was more watery than flavourful, so I was kind of disappointed (especially since it cost about the same price as a fancy Starbucks drink).

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Uno Mustachio

A foodie haven! 

Uno Mustachio


Chicken Parma Eggplant
Thin breaded chicken and deliciously savoury eggplant parmigiana layers all thrown together with the tasty marinara sauce on a kaiser bun. Yum! 
A very hearty meal (and kind of like comfort food) after a dreary and rainy day at Polson Pier. 

Buster's Sea Cove @ Swatch Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour Finals

My friend and I went to watch the Swatch Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour Finals at Polson Pier, but it was such a rainy day that we didn't really get to fully enjoy the tournament. 

Key Lime Pie in a Jar
Before we left the tournament, I bought a key lime pie jar from Buster's Sea Cove (and it was packaged beautifully). The key lime pie was good - a nice combination of tart and sweet and I could eat it out of an easily accessible jar! :)

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Red Lobster 's Endless Shrimp

Endless Shrimp is on! I've heard about the Red Lobster promotion for a few years, but I didn't get a chance to go until now. All you can eat shrimp for around $22.
Grilled Shrimp and Walt's Shrimp with a baked potato
The grilled shrimp were coated in this delicious garlicky sauce on a bed of rice and the fried shrimp had a nice tangy shrimp cocktail sauce to accompany them.

Grilled Shrimp skewer
Parmesan Shrimp
Fried shrimp with parmesan on top.
Garlic Shrimp
Fat succulent shrimp in a bowl with garlic butter sauce - yummy! (and a heart attack waiting to happen).
All the shrimp tails...I ended up eating 75 shrimp - pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Shrimp Linguine
I love this garlicky, creamy pasta dish - but I knew I had to save it for the end when I was fully done with all the other shrimp (one dish of this and you'll be ready to pass out). It's so good - but really rich and really heavy.

Galleria Supermarket

September 10, 2016

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup
I was pretty excited to see this on the menu at Galleria (I think this is a recent offering). 
However, once I tried the soup, I thought it was okay - but nothing as amazing as other ginseng chicken soups I've had before. The chicken was a small chicken (in a gigantic bowl) and there was some sticky rice and a little bit of ginseng inside. 

July 10, 2016
Galleria markets their Korean Fried Chicken as "Mom's Chicken" (or maybe it's a franchise?). Either way, there was a sale on it this week, so we decided to try it out.
Such nice packaging for potentially messy fried chicken.

We got half fried chicken and half spicy fried chicken to mix it up (and it came with radishes on the side). 
The regular fried chicken was pretty good with crispy skin and juicy chicken meat (I prefer the spices in the Popeye's chicken though) and the spicy fried chicken was really good! It definitely tastes better with the spicy sauce, but the skin wasn't as crispy with all the sauce and the meat was a little drier.  The radishes were okay. I thought the Korean fried chicken was interesting at Galleria, but I think I'd stick with the Pork Bone Soup. 

December 19, 2015
Usually on Saturdays, Galleria will have some kind of special meal for a discounted price.  We happened to come on a day when the Pork Bone Soup was $5.95, so here it is:
This pork bone soup is the best value for money pork bone soup I've ever had.  A restaurant will easily charge you about $10 plus tax and tip and this is $5.95 (excluding tax).  Also, the soup is delicious and the pork bone meat is delicious (the tenderness of the meat depends when you're eating it - if you eat it when they just make it, then the meat doesn't fall off the bone the same way vs. later in the day when it's had time to absorb more of the spicy soup flavour and the meat becomes tenderized).  Also, the purple rice is really good with the soup. 

February 11, 2013
Galleria is a popular Korean supermarket and it opened up a location at York Mills and Don Mills last year:

Galleria has a Hot Food Station in the south west corner of the store with an open concept kitchen in the middle.

I was fascinated by the whole process for ordering food and eating there:
1) You decide what you want and order the food at the cashier desk right next to the open kitchen (on the south side near the exit of the store). 
2) You get these automatic pagers that vibrate and flash when your food is ready
3) Then you go to the Pick-up station to grab your food. I think pick-up station 1 is for soups and pick-up station 2 is for other dishes. The dumplings pick-up station is separate from both, but if you're lost there's signs at the top. 

The store has some Lunar New Year Promotions this week:
The Pork Bone Soup (to go) $4.98 (regular is $6.99)
The soup is really good! The first couple of sips of soup allow you to taste how flavourful it is without overwhelming you with the spiciness of the soup. However, as I kept eating, the soup got progressively spicier and I was really thankful for the rice. The pork bones had quite a bit of meat on them and it soaked in the spicy broth making it tender. I actually really liked their pork bone soup: quite surprising for supermarket fare and it's so cheap!

Beef Dumplings $4.99
The dumplings were pretty doughy and filled with glass noodles, korean napa cabbage and ground pork:
I think it's an imitation of xiaolongbao, but it didn't have enough soup in the bao, the skin was too thick and the filling wasn't very tasty. 

Jajangmyun $3.99 (regular $4.99)
I prefer the Chinese version of the dish (Zhajiangmianand I find the Korean version is usually a pale imitation. However, I thought this was a decent jajangmyun with a sweeter sauce than the fermented soybean sauce traditionally used in Zhajiangmian. The sauce had onions, potatoes, eggplant and ground beef to make it sweeter. 

Overall: The ordering process is a novelty and the food is cheap and tasty! It's worth a try (especially this week with the Lunar New Year promotions). 

Friday, 9 September 2016

The Burger's Priest @ Yonge & Lawrence

September 9, 2016
Peter's Denial and The Priest
This time around, the burgers just didn't look as appealing. Peter's Denial is a chicken burger with corn and gravy and the Priest has turned into just a cheeseburger with the option. 
They're still good burgers, but they just seem really pricey and not that amazing anymore. (Maybe the novelty wore off?)

August 23, 2014
After hearing about The Burger's Priest for so long, I finally got a chance to go and try it out for myself at the Yonge and Lawrence location:
Burger Priest 

 High Priest 
High Priest: two beef patties with a bun in the middle, special sauce, lettuce and cheese
A classier Big Mac is what I would actually call it. It was similar in structure, but I would say the ingredients are higher quality - juicy beef, crisp fresh lettuce, butter buns and yummy special sauce.

Cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato
Simple and sweet - buttered bun with fresh lettuce and tomato and oozy cheese on top of a beef patty. Yum!

 Priest with vatican 
Priest + Vatican
Priest: Cheeseburger with a breaded and deep fried portabello mushroom (the "Option")
Vatican: 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches instead of buns

Priest with Vatican 
It looked like a bit of a hot mess - but it was really cheesy burger goodness.
The cheese sauce was really good! However, I thought the best part was the "Option" which was the breaded and deep fried portabello mushroom on the burger! I would definitely come back and order another burger with the Option.

Overall: Great classic and simple burgers done really well.  The burgers do come with a bit of a gourmet price tag, but if you're here you should definitely try the Option because the breaded and fried portabello mushroom is worth the splurge!

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Snacks @ Galeria Kaufhof Frankfurt An der Hauptwache - Frankfurt, Germany

The baumkuchen from Galeria department store in Frankfurt:

Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as the baumkuchen from Japan
The white chocolate coating was hard and it felt like it was masking the flavourless and hard cake rings. A disappointment for sure. 

Lindt Chocolate Selection! 
Lindt is my favourite chocolate brand and I was so excited when I saw all these varieties of chocolate that I couldn't resist buying all of them. I thought I'd like the pistachio chocolate the best, but I wasn't a fan of the combination of really dark chocolate and pistachio (the dark chocolate was stronger than the pistachio flavour). I did really like the creation with the mango, papaya and acai berry (my favourite chocolate was the acai berry even though I usually love mango the most).