Friday, 9 September 2016

The Burger's Priest @ Yonge & Lawrence

September 9, 2016
Peter's Denial and The Priest
This time around, the burgers just didn't look as appealing. Peter's Denial is a chicken burger with corn and gravy and the Priest has turned into just a cheeseburger with the option. 
They're still good burgers, but they just seem really pricey and not that amazing anymore. (Maybe the novelty wore off?)

August 23, 2014
After hearing about The Burger's Priest for so long, I finally got a chance to go and try it out for myself at the Yonge and Lawrence location:

High Priest: two beef patties with a bun in the middle, special sauce, lettuce and cheese
A classier Big Mac is what I would actually call it. It was similar in structure, but I would say the ingredients are higher quality - juicy beef, crisp fresh lettuce, butter buns and yummy special sauce.

Cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato
Simple and sweet - buttered bun with fresh lettuce and tomato and oozy cheese on top of a beef patty. Yum!

Priest + Vatican
Priest: Cheeseburger with a breaded and deep fried portabello mushroom (the "Option")
Vatican: 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches instead of buns

It looked like a bit of a hot mess - but it was really cheesy burger goodness.
The cheese sauce was really good! However, I thought the best part was the "Option" which was the breaded and deep fried portabello mushroom on the burger! I would definitely come back and order another burger with the Option.

Overall: Great classic and simple burgers done really well.  The burgers do come with a bit of a gourmet price tag, but if you're here you should definitely try the Option because the breaded and fried portabello mushroom is worth the splurge!

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