Thursday, 8 September 2016

Snacks @ Galeria Kaufhof Frankfurt An der Hauptwache - Frankfurt, Germany

The baumkuchen from Galeria department store in Frankfurt:

Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as the baumkuchen from Japan
The white chocolate coating was hard and it felt like it was masking the flavourless and hard cake rings. A disappointment for sure. 

Lindt Chocolate Selection! 
Lindt is my favourite chocolate brand and I was so excited when I saw all these varieties of chocolate that I couldn't resist buying all of them. I thought I'd like the pistachio chocolate the best, but I wasn't a fan of the combination of really dark chocolate and pistachio (the dark chocolate was stronger than the pistachio flavour). I did really like the creation with the mango, papaya and acai berry (my favourite chocolate was the acai berry even though I usually love mango the most). 

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