Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sorento Restaurant

June 20, 2017  
We really liked their wood oven pizzas, so we came back for Sorento's $12 pizza night on Tuesdays.
Sorentos Special Steak, Calabrese and Roma pizzas
The special steak is a favourite with sirloin, caramelized onions, mushrooms and hot peppers on a crispy crust. The Calabrese had chicken, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and garlic and cheese which was good, but not as good as the steak pizza. The Roma pizza with shrimp, scallops, escargot and roasted red peppers was interesting, but I didn't taste or see all the seafood in my pizza. 
It's still a great deal for $12 and I'm sure I'll be back again!

June 8, 2017
Sorentos Special Steak Pizza
I was a little skeptical about the special steak since it had hot peppers on it. I liked that it had sirloin,  caramelized onions and mushrooms, but hot peppers on pizza was foreign to me. Once I tried it, I was really pleasantly surprised by how good hot pepper on pizza could be! I really liked this pizza - it had the perfect crispy crust from the wood oven and there was a lot of melted cheese, tasty seasoned steak, sweet onions and earthy mushrooms on it. This was REALLY GOOD. 

Spaghetti Sorento's Way
A lot more chicken, spinach, onions and bacon than last year. 
The pasta dish was okay; I think the flavours from the spinach, onions and bacon were a lot more prominent this time. 

Penne California
Chicken breast, peppers, sun-dried tomato in a pesto tomato sauce. 
This dish didn't quite hit the mark either - the sauce was a tad too watery and there just didn't seem to be a pronounced flavour tying the dish together. 

Fettuccine Polo Pesto
The dish came with diced chicken, peppers and mushrooms and an olive oil pesto sauce. It tasted pretty oily and the flavours were particularly strong. I think they do their pizzas better than the pastas. 

Nov 1, 2016
I had a craving for Italian and originally I was planning on going to Frankie Tomatto's for AYCE Italian. However, by the time my friend got off work, I wasn't that hungry, so we went to Sorento near Don Mills and Eglinton instead. 
Gnocchi Russa with rose sauce, mushrooms, spinach and sun dried tomatoes
Yum! Gnocchi - the pasta was a nice al dente, but we weren't huge fans of the sauce. 

Spaghetti Sorento's Way with chicken breast, onion, bacon and spinach in a pesto white wine cream sauce
A decent portion size and pretty tasty. 

Overall: Service was great and the food was pretty reasonably priced and tasty. It's not the best Italian, but it'll definitely do when I have an Italian craving. 

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