Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Scone Battle - Drake Hotel vs. Mildred's Temple Kitchen

I've heard great things about the blueberry scones at Drake Hotel and the currant scones at Mildred's Temple Kitchen. It was time to try them side by side and do a little comparison to find out which brunch restaurant serves the better scone: 
Blueberry Scone from Drake Hotel and Currant Scones from Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Size: Drake's are bigger. Enough said.
Texture: Mildred's were flakier and fluffier; Drake's scone was harder and denser. I like the fluffy scones better - Mildred's is the winner. 
Flavour: Usually I like blueberry flavour more than currant, but the currant flavour wasn't super strong and it was still really good - so it's a tie in my opinion.  
Jam/Cream: The Drake scone came with raspberry jam, while the Mildred's scone came with clotted cream. Interestingly enough, I found that the raspberry jam made the blueberry scone taste better! The clotted cream didn't really do anything for the currant scone. So if we're talking better combination of jam/cream with scones - I'd say Drake's is the winner. 

Overall: When it comes to scones, I like them fluffy, buttery and not super sugary - so my winner is Mildred's! 

Mildred's Temple Kitchen: http://www.templekitchen.com

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