Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Tokyo Sushi

Nestled between the condominiums and office buildings off Bay Street is Tokyo Sushi, a Japanese restaurant run by Koreans, that serves reasonably priced chirashi (assorted sushi) bowls at lunch. 
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The menu is pretty straight forward
Miso soup and salad
Salad and Miso soup
Always a nice way to start your sushi meal

Kakamaze don
Kakimaze Bowl 
Clockwise from the top: unagi (BBQ eel), wasabi, ginger, salmon, squid, salmon roe, sea urchin, tuna, tobiko (flying fish roe), more bright red roe and tempura bits with a poached egg in the middle
It was almost too pretty to eat! All that seafood on a bed of rice - Yum! 
It was really good - especially the sea urchin and roe (which you usually don't get in a chirashi bowl). The textures and flavours were great from the coarser in texture sea urchin to the watery roe and slimy squid and cooked bbq eel. Fantastic! I liked the poached egg on top too. Added a nice touch. 

Overall: Great lunch place - quick service and good seafood and bowls for lunch. 

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