Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Club at LAS @ Las Vegas Airport - Las Vegas

I recently got the Priority Pass and it gives me access to airport lounges around the world. So, when I was in Las Vegas, based on my other experiences with lounges, I was expecting that they would have a mini quick service buffet for lounge passengers to grab a quick bite before they catch their flights.  
Needless to say, I probably should've taken a full look at the lounge before committing to use my airport lounge pass here. It turns out the Club at LAS is super small - it's like a waiting area with snacks. They have more free options than the Billy Bishop Porter Airlines lounge, but it's very underwhelming. 
Chips, oreo, banana and an orange. It's unfortunate that I skipped the free hotel breakfast and came here for an early lunch because I was hugely disappointed. 

Oatmeal and Cup Noodles. No words necessary. 

Mixed jelly belly jellybeans
This was a nice surprise to a very depressing lounge stay. It's the airport to the city of buffets! How did this happen? Granted they can't do a lot with their tiny space, but the pictures were really deceiving and "refreshments" meant snacks not food. 

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