Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cafe de Coral - HK

August 7, 2013

After all those snacks, we decided to get an actual meal and stopped by Cafe de Coral to pick up something to eat later. 
On our way back to Happy Valley from Tsim Sha Tsui, we passed by the Cafe De Coral in the Airport Express mall. So we picked up a set meal: 
Cha Siu and Soy Sauce Chicken with rice and milk tea
This set is supposed to be for one person...however that box of rice could easily fill two people! I was expecting something a lot smaller. The chicken was really tender and a little on the salty side and the cha siu was lean and slightly tough. The flavours were there, but it wasn't very good by the time we got back with our meal. 

August 8, 2013
We had to catch an early morning flight to Malaysia, so we decided to grab some quick food in the Airport Terminal before we boarded our flight. And guess what we saw?

The breakfast menu was a little overwhelming; Hong Kong people know what they want and order super fast. I was felt like I was holding up the line when I was reading and looking at the pictures of all the options. 

We ordered Combo A2 and C4. A2 was more "western breakfast" and C4 was the "traditional Chinese breakfast".
A2 had Chinese tea, macaroni with ham, 2 fried eggs and a bun; C4 had coffee, lo mai gai and salted pork with Century egg congee.
A2: The macaroni was simple and filling - but it didn't have the yummy Hong Kong ham, instead they used mediocre ham. The fried eggs were okay and the bun was soft and flaky (and came with real butter). The surprising thing was the tea - I thought they'd give us milk tea or green tea, but instead they gave us strong Pu'erh tea. 
C2: The century egg and salted pork congee was okay. The coffee was made from an instant coffee mix (maybe I'm a bit of a coffee snob, but that stuff is AWFUL). 

Lo Mai Gai (steamed sticky rice with chicken in lotus leaf wrap) 
The lo mai gai was interesting: 
a) it was gigantic
b) the rice was a little crispy at the edges (isn't it steamed? how did it get crispy?)
c) there was a huge chicken wing inside and
d) the wing was coated in BBQ sauce
Very strange - well at least it was edible and filling. 

Overall: Fast, cheap meals at Cafe de Coral. The food was okay (but if I had a choice I'd go back to Fairwood)

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