Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Capricci - HK

We were invited to the Pacific Club for coffee and dessert. 
The view from the Tsim Sha Tsui location was stunning (especially in the calm before the storm).


I'm extraordinarily picky with my tiramisu - I've eaten it in Italy and Toronto and I still swear by the Paese version. I don't like cocoa powder on top because I feel like the tiramisu should be infused with the flavour of cocoa rather than sprinkling the powder on top as an easy way to get the taste.
There was a lot of powder on the tiramisu and the mascarpone cheese was really thick and heavy. The ladyfingers were soggy in the middle of the martini glass, but I still couldn't get the flavour and powdery texture of the cocoa powder out of my mouth to enjoy anything else. Not a fan...
Summer Berry Ice Cream with fresh Strawberries
This dessert was a lot better. The strawberries were sweet and the ice cream delicious.

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