Monday, 5 August 2013

Fairwood - HK

Dusk in Hong Kong

I've seen a ton of commercials for Fairwood on TV and it's everywhere in Hong Kong, so we decided to try it out on our way home. 
Pretty straight forward menu (and they even have pictures!)

Chicken with Fried Egg in Onion Sauce with Lemon Tea
The onion sauce coated the chicken, sausage steak and ham. The sausage steak was a little weird tasting, but the fried egg and sauce mixed well with the rice (but the rice was pretty broken). Side note: Hong Kong ham is amazing - I have no idea what they do to it, but it's awesome even at fast food places.

Chicken with Cucumber and Onion in a Black Bean sauce with soup
The dish was really nicely presented for a fast food joint and it was good! The portion was actually a lot bigger than it appeared in the tiny wok. The chicken was full of flavour and the best part was that it was all boneless! The sauce was nice too - if a little salty.

Overall: Fairwood is like the new Generation's cha chan teng with cheap and fast food. You can get an entire meal with a drink for less than $30 HKD and it's good!

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