Monday, 19 August 2013

Kopitiam on Bras Basah - Singapore

Singapore Skyline at Night
Skyline during the day
We wanted to grab a quick breakfast before we left Singapore and found this 24 hour Kopitiam Food court. 
Super cheap breakfast sets for less than 3 Singapore dollars
The set came with milk tea or coffee, 2 sunny side eggs, kaya toast and two sausages for $2.90
The milk tea was yummy! Not as awesome as Devi's Corner's teh tarik or Hong Kong's Pantyhose tea, but still a really good tea.
The chicken sausages were pretty good and the kaya toast was lovely (if not as amazing as Oldtown White Coffee's kaya toast). For $2.90, I'm really not going to complain about breakfast.

Chinese Dim Sum!
Har Gow
What a huge let down - the shrimp inside the har gow went bad. We pretty much threw this out. Awful!

Overall: Cheap eats at the Kopitiam on Bras Basah, but watch out for terrible quality food. 

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