Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Man Fai - HK

Another famous restaurant is Man Fai on Jardine's Bazaar; they serve their signature mixed ball noodle with fish ball, fish dumpling, cuttlefish ball, octopus ball, Chinese fish cake and seaweed.

Fun Guo
The dumpling had sticky and thick skin and was filled with ground pork, vegetables and peanuts.
I'm generally not a fan of fun guo, so I didn't particularly enjoy the sticky dumpling even though it had all those fillings inside. I could taste the peanuts, but the rest was bland to me.

Mixed Ball Noodle
The mixed ball noodle came with one of each item: fish ball, fish cake, squid ball, ground pork ball, pork ball wrapped in thick fish skin (the one that looks like a wonton) and then there was the seaweed and the thin egg noodles. All combined in the seafood broth - Delicious!

Overall: Tasty bowl of mixed ball noodles - especially if you like the seafood aroma. 

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