Sunday, 4 August 2013

Mu Dan Ting Banquet - HK

A gorgeous day in Hong Kong
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We took the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui and then walked along the Avenue of Stars
Avenue of Stars
After lunch, we went to the 1881 Heritage Site - I love what they did with the Former Hong Kong Marine Police Headquarters. They retained the structure and transformed it into a hotel and high end shopping area.
1881 Heritage
Mu Dan Ting has All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum

IMAG3043 IMAG3026
Fish Ball and Corn Soup

IMAG3042 IMAG3035
Gun Tong Gao and Zhaliang
Zhaliang is youtiao wrapped in rice noodle and this version at Mu Dan Ting was okay. 

IMAG3027 IMAG3028
Lotus root dish and Turnip Cake
The lotus root had a lot of flavour from the sauce; the turnip cake was bland.

  IMAG3030 IMAG3038
Char Siu Sou and Haam Sui Gaau
Cha Siu Sou had a lot of pastry, but not much cha siu

IMAG3032  IMAG3033  
Singapore style Lobak Koh and Roast Duck Lai Fun
The lobak koh was spicy and flavourful - however the crispy texture wasn't really there. 
I liked the lai fun with the roast duck - it added a lot more flavour than the lai fun at Xin Dau Ji
IMAG3034  IMAG3036 
Siu Mai and Fried Wonton
I really liked the fried wonton - you don't usually get to eat so much crispy fried skin on a wonton. Wonton crisps! And to make it even better, the shrimp inside was still hot.

IMAG3037 IMAG3041
Egg Cruller and Steamed Meatballs
The egg cruller were pretty sugary and there was syrup too (very sweet). 

Red Bean Jelly & Osmanthus Jelly and Pancake
The red bean jelly was really delicious! The pancake was made with green onions and was thin and crispy on the edges.

IMAG3039 IMAG3045
Mango layer cake and Red bean dessert
The mango layer cake was really good with the right amount of sweetness; unfortunately, the other dessert - red bean soup was really watery.

Overall: The dim sum was alright and it's nice that they offer all-you-can-eat, but they do give you a time limit. 

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