Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Nyonya Colors @ 1 Utama - KL

Super popular dessert place at 1 Utama...there's always a line up
Malaysian Desserts (Kueh)
Teh Tarik
This drink is a hot Indian milk tea made by "pulling" the tea (it's a method of pouring the tea multiple times to aerate the tea and add froth on top). It's so delicious! But not as good as the one at Devi's Corner
Top: Ondeh Ondeh
Left to Right on the Plate: Kaya, Pulut Tai Tai, Talam, Lapis Pandan (Pandan cake), Talam Keladi (Yam). The two wrapped balls are pictured below.
Ondeh ondeh are pandan coconut balls with a jelly-like texture.
The pulut tai tai has to be eaten with the sweet kaya (jam made with pandan leaves, coconut, egg and sugar) to add flavour. The pulut tai tai is made from the blue pea flower + glutinous rice.
Talam is a coconut tray dessert but it tasted and smelled like boiled egg.
Lapis Pandan is steamed pandan cake with layers of pandan paste.
Talam Keladi was really pretty with a purple layer and a white layer and it was a yam cake. 

Pulut Hitam Kochi and Kochi Nyonya
Pulut hitam kochi is a black glutinous rice ball with shredded and dried coconut wrapped in a leaf and the kochi nyona is made with the blue pea flower and glutinous rice.
The texture of the glutinous rice desserts was more jelly than rice-like. Very interesting..but after being used to Western desserts, I found that these Malaysian desserts were mildly flavoured. 

Sago Ubi and Noodles wrapped in Banana leaf:
Spicy Noodles!

Overall: A very popular dessert place with a lot of really interesting Malaysian desserts.

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