Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pow Sing Restaurant - Singapore

Merlion Park
The famous Merlion
Merlion Park

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands Resort (on top of the three hotels is the rooftop garden)

King Pork Ribs and Ong choy
The ribs were quite tasty with some pickled vegetables on the side.

Crispy Nonya Squid
The sweet and sour squid was different from the typical deep fried calamari rings or grilled calamari. It had a nice sweet flavour in general

Hainan Chicken Rice
The chicken was really nice with slightly leaner meat and covered with green onions.
It also came with a tray of sauces and a bowl of rice flavoured with chicken broth:
IMAG3367 IMAG3364
There's a thick dark soy sauce, a watery soy sauce, chopped ginger sauce and hot sauce that you mix together to eat with the chicken and rice. The chicken broth rice was so fragrant and delicious - it wasn't too oily or too dry either. I could eat this instead of white rice any day! So GOOD!

Crispy Chicken Wings with Prawn Paste
The deep fried chicken wings were okay.

Sliced fish with ginger and spring onion
The grouper was boneless and had a nice meaty texture. Yum

Overall: The service was fast and the food was decent. It was a nice meal at Pow Sing Restaurant.

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