Friday, 16 August 2013

Restoran Wan Shoon - KL

Another hawker stall (actually a kopitiam since it's mostly Malaysian Chinese food) by day and restaurant by night place:

Except this time, I came for lunch 

Chinese tea and Chicken Soup...with chicken feet.
The broth was good even if the chicken foot was really eerie. 

Roast pork and Soy Sauce Chicken 
OMG the Chicken here is AMAZING - so delicious. If I could import the chicken in Malaysia to Canada, I totally would. What a difference free-range chicken makes in a dish! 
I've had better tasting soy sauce chicken in Toronto, but it's like the basic ingredients are just so much fresher and better that it makes a huge difference in the quality of the dish. 

A specialty of Malaysia, banmian is found in a lot of hawker stall areas because it's so simple to make. 
Every stall has their own soup base, but the egg noodles are a staple in all banmian. There were a few places were we saw them making fresh noodles with a pasta maker. 
The soup base was slightly salty from the anchovies and there was tofu, fish and fish balls, green onions and crispy anchovies on top. 

Diced meat and mushroom kway teow 
The broth didn't have the same heavy and salty anchovy taste as the banmian soup (although there were fried anchovies on top). It had a clear broth and most of the flavour came from the toppings rather than the base soup like the banmian. 

Overall: Hawker stalls are awesome! They're cheap, fast and there's so much variety. Where else could you get good chicken rice and banmian cheap and fast?

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