Saturday, 3 August 2013

Snacks in Hong Kong

We picked up a lot of our snacks in Sheung Shui outside the MTR station. 

Bee Cheng Huang
IMAG2974  IMAG2973
Bakkwa or meat jerky is a popular snack item all around Hong Kong. There's tons of Bee Cheng Huang shops that can attest to that fact. Behind the transparent glass, they sell lean and dried spiced meat by the gram and they can cut it into smaller strips to eat. I like their samples and I think the best meat I had there was the gourmet fusion bakkwa. 

Yamazaki Bakery
IMAG2968 IMAG2990
Apparently, this corn bread used to be my favourite kind of bread when I was a child. The corn bread was okay - it tasted like normal bread. 

Wing Wah
  IMAG2985 IMAG2988
Wing Wah sold Wife Cakes, which are traditional Cantonese pastries with a thin flaky skin outside and a thick paste of winter melon and sesame in the middle. We grabbed one to go, but it was kind of blah. The skin wasn't flaky and the pasty was a little gummy rather than light and chewy. 

Sam Hing Cake Shop
Egg tart was really good with a nice cookie layer base and a tasty egg custard filling. It had a good balance of both; although I wouldn't complain if there was a bit more egg custard. 
Almond Puff Fingers
It was nice, not too sweet with some crunchy layers of puff pastry. 

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