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Snacks in Kuala Lumpur

Wild Monkey near the Batu Caves
Chicken Rice
This Chicken Rice was actually the first thing I ate after I arrived in Malaysia. I considered it a snack before going out to eat a late lunch after we arrived in Kuala Lumpur.
OMG It was SO GOOD! The steamed rice was nice and fluffy, the cucumber was crisp and the chicken was meaty, tender and just heavenly...I still drool thinking about this chicken rice.

We went to the market somewhere in Kuala Lumpur and picked up some interesting stuff:
First Laid Chicken Eggs
A chicken's first laid egg is considered a delicacy in Asian countries. It's considered to be full of nutrients and  tastier. The size is generally smaller, but it doesn't have the "egg-y" taste or smell and the yolk is darker.

Rambutans and Jackfruit
Rambutans and Jackfruit
Rambutans look like red and hairy lychees on the outside and have the same white flesh around the seed inside, but the taste is totally different. Rambutans are mildy sweet and sour.
Jackfruits usually come in pre-packaged containters since the fruit is actually quite big (see video for how to butcher a jackfruit). The actual flesh is soft and a little fibrous. It tastes like a combination of pineapple and mango and it's very sweet. It does have a pretty long lasting smell although it's not as bad as durian's pungent aroma.
Durian...that's another experience I had. The fruit has a very distinctive odor (you can smell it a mile away) and it's so stinky and awful. If you can get past the smell, the flesh is buttery smooth and really quite tasty. However, the main hurdle to eating it is definitely the smell.

Custard Apple
Custard Apple (or Sugar Apple)
Custard Apple
The flesh is gummy and soft with a sweet taste like banana and pineapple. Quite yummy and it wasn't hard to get to the fruit inside since the shell was pretty soft (huge contrast compared to the thorny durian or huge jackfruit).

Another popular snack item:
Curry Puffs!
These curry puffs pack a ton of flavour with curried chopped vegetables and potato chunks in a deep fried pastry shell. The non-vegetarian one had a boiled egg inside - Yummy! The egg also absorbed the curry flavour. Delicious! Once you start, it's hard to stop eating them cause they were so good!

In Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown, we saw a stall selling 砂糖夾餅
It's a Chinese snack that originated in Hong Kong made with a waffle base that's folded over to sandwich a combination of sugar, peanuts, sesame and shredded coconut inside. Meanwhile, the outside is like a crispy biscuit. We were surprised to find it in Malaysia, since it's very almost impossible to find it in Hong Kong now. Not a lot of people are continuing the old tradition of making and selling them. (It's also pretty difficult to find eggette or egg waffles in Hong Kong - another dying art).
Website on 砂糖夾餅:砂糖夹饼

Rotiboy @ 1 Utama
IMAG3274 IMAG3275
The signature Roti Bun was this delectable bun on the right.
It was made fresh from the oven and was warm, fluffy and had a melty light butter inside. The best part was the contrast with the crispy exterior and coffee topping. So delicious!

OldTown White Coffee @ 1 Utama

OldTown White Coffee
The white coffee is a popular drink that originated in the city of Ipoh, Malaysia. According to Wikipedia, the coffee beans are roasted using palm-oil margarine and it's served with condensed milk. Either way, it's delicious! It's not as bitter as North American coffee and it has a great rich taste.

Kaya Toast
I like that they cut off the bread crusts on my toast and they spread a lot of kaya in between. Kaya is a sweet tasty spread made with eggs, sugar, coconut milk and flavoured with pandan leaf.

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