Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Soup Restaurant 三盅兩件 @ 1 Utama - KL

The animals run wild in KL
Apparently, chickens get so much exercise in Malaysia that some of them have learnt to fly...
Maybe that's why they taste so good!

IMAG3267 IMAG3261
Very serene 1 Utama Mall

Chinese Tea...served in a Beer Mug (also known as a Tankard)
Stir-fried vermicelli and Ginger Fried Rice
We ordered two lunch sets and they came with the tankard of Chinese tea, a bowl of lettuce in soy sauce with shallots and a bowl of sweet corn and carrot soup. 
The stir-fried noodles were very soy sauce heavy and the ginger fried rice had a really strong ginger scent. 
The portions were really small. 

Samsui Boneless Chicken
The specialty of the restaurant was beautifully presented. It also came with a side of iceberg lettuce so that you could wrap the chicken with ginger sauce and cucumber in the iceberg lettuce and eat it. 
The Samsui chicken was thinly sliced and a little tougher than most Malaysia chicken, but it was still boneless and delicious.

Handmade Ground Pork Meat Cake in Hot Pot
The pork cake was really nice and the pork flavour was steamed into the rice to make it yummy. 
The soy sauce was sweet instead of a savoury and salty soy different combination.

Overall: The Samsui Chicken was good and the service was pretty fast. The beer mug tea was curious...

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