Friday, 9 August 2013

Suria KLCC Food Court - KL

The Petrona Towers are pretty imposing:
On the ground floor of the Petrona Towers is the Suria KLCC mall:

IMAG3199 IMAG3200
Lychee Paradise
Made with lychee, lemon, mango and apple juice. I was riveted to the juice many tropical fruits! (Although, it probably wasn't tropical to the locals). The juice was okay.

We wandered to the Suria KLCC foodcourt next:
Yay! Chicken Rice! I had some as a snack the day before and it was amazing! So I couldn't wait to try the chicken rice here:
Chicken Rice
This rice was mediocre compared to the other Chicken rice I had; it had a sweet BBQ sauce on top and the rice wasn't really fragrant.


IMAG3205 IMAG3206
Fresh Coconut water! 8 Ringgit a coconut
They chop it right in front of you too.

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