Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tai Cheong Bakery - HK

Golden Bauhinia Square outside the Hong Kong Convention Center and Exhibition Place:

Another must-try in Hong Kong: Egg Tarts! (Dan Tat)

Egg Tarts usually have two types of crust: cookie crust (shortcrust pastry) or flaky pastry (puff pastry). 
I love egg tarts with cookie crust pastry in general since I find you can never go wrong with them wherever you eat them. They have a harder crust and can compensate for the egg custard if it doesn't turn out properly (the contrast between a runny egg custard and thicker crust can still work well). However, a flaky pastry crust has to be exact otherwise you can't balance out the textures of a flimsy crust with a runny egg custard. That being said, we ordered two of the cookie crust and two of the flaky crust and in this case, I found that Tai Cheong Bakery did the Flaky Crust Egg Tart better than the Cookie Crust. The flaky crust was perfect with a nice thick crust that it complemented the custard very well. The texture of the flaky crust + solid and rich egg custard was amazing! In contrast, the cookie crust had a thinner slightly flimsier crust than the flaky crust. 

Overall: Fantastic puffy pastry egg tarts! Yum

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  1. I agree! Tai Cheong cookie crust was my fav :)