Sunday, 18 August 2013

Takashimaya Food Hall - Singapore

We caught a cheap Air Asia flight to Singapore (The Lion City).
DSC05122 DSC05127
As we were busing from the Changi Airport to Orchard Road, I couldn't help but notice how clean and green the city was - it really is the City in a Garden. (Although, the picture on the right does remind me of that scene in Walking Dead with the empty city. The Financial district was empty because it was Sunday)
Awesome view of the City Skyline.

We went to the Takashimaya Shopping Center and immediately hit the basement food floor:
I've heard about Fried Carrot Cake from a friend (it's called turnip cake or lobak go in Chinese). I have no idea where the term "carrot cake"originated from because it's actually made with daikon instead of carrots.
Chai Tow Kway
It tasted like rice noodles more than daikon. The texture and consistency was totally different from any stir-fried lobak go I've had. It was also pretty bland and tasteless (an instance where hot sauce may come in handy).

Despite the bad experience in Hong Kong's Juchheim, we decided to pick up a ring of Baumkuchen in Singapore (because we are such big fans of baumkuchen, we really get excited every time we see a baumkuchen store).
Definitely did not regret that decision!
It was definitely closer to the real Japanese version of Baumkuchen than the Hong Kong version, but still couldn't compare to Nenrinya
It was denser overall and when you took a bite it was fluffy. It also had the right flavour of baumkuchen from Japan. 

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