Saturday, 17 August 2013


Located in a corner of the Bangsar Shopping Centre is the lounge-restaurant WIP:
The service was really slow at lunch. It took a while before the waitresses realized that we didn't have menus and couldn't order. 
Fish & Chips 
Deep fried battered fish fillet with waffle fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce
The fish was okay, but the batter wasn't as crispy as I would have liked. The weirdest part was that the tartar sauce was sweet. 

Chicken Tikka
The spiced chicken breast was rather dried out from being baked in the oven and while the dryness could have been covered with the mint sauce, I found that the mint sauce was a little to spicy for me to enjoy. 

Garlic Naan with Spinach Dip
I really enjoy naan and I thought it would be nice to try the garlic naan. While it was really good, the accompanying spinach dip was really awful - it was just pureed spinach with spicy stuff. We overpaid 2 ringgits for the stuff (we could have just got normal naan). 

Chicken Makanwala 
 Boneless chicken breast cooked in butter gravy accompanied with chana masala, aloo methi, salad, papadum and naan. 
The butter chicken was really delicious! The sauce was rich, creamy and so amazing with naan. Yum!
The chana masala (chickpeas) was spicy, but the aloo methi (potatoes with Fenugreek leaves) was nice and the papadum was softer and not as crispy. 

Overall: The ambiance was nice, but the service left a lot to be desired in the dining room. The food was okay for the most part. 

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