Saturday, 16 July 2016


Another $18 Summerlicious Lunch at Bannock:
Ontario Heirloom tomato salad with green radish labneh, sunflower and pumpkin seed garlic brittle
When I heard tomato salad, I was actually picturing a salad of greens and some tomatoes sprinkled in - but this was a plate of pretty tomatoes. It was okay - but definitely not what I'm expecting to pay $18 for. 20160716_120456
Summer Green Vegetable Alphabet Soup

Caramelized Pulled pork bannock burrito with green tomato, cucumber and lime relish, tomato jam and monterey jack cheese

Baked Atlantic Haddock on a yellow split pea and charred corn succotash and preserved lemon and cucumber buttermilk
This was pretty good and very pretty on the plate. 

Crickets on a log with real crickets, mimolette cream cheese and celery
I probably should have known better than to order this: I don't like cream cheese or celery in particular, but I thought crickets as a dessert was kinda cool. It was kinda strange eating visible bug parts - but I couldn't really enjoy the sweet cream cheese or the celery part. 

Genelle's Vanilla Ricotta Cheesecake
I didn't like the taste of this cheesecake. 

Overall: The service was great, but the food was mediocre and there wasn't anything I really loved in the three course meal I had. The bannocks here are yummy, but I think I'd skip the Summerlicious experience. 

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