Saturday, 2 July 2016

Stella Luna Gelato Cafe - Ottawa

Dow's Lake
Ottawa Ottawa
It's really amazing that Stella Luna won 3rd place in the Gelato World Tour 2016's America East Finals for their Rich Chocolate Bourbon Ganache Swirl Maple-Candied Pecan gelato.
I knew I had to get it.
Top: Rich Chocolate Bourbon Ganache Swirl Maple-Candied Pecan, blood orange and almond lemon honey
Bottom: Chocolate bourbon ganache swirl maple-candied pecan and white chocolate pistachio
The gelato was jam packed with flavour! The chocolate bourbon and pecan was really rich and decadent. I also really liked the almond lemon honey (which was light and unique) and the white chocolate pistachio (because pistachio gelato is fantastic, but I think this one had more white chocolate than pistachio). 

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