Saturday, 2 July 2016

Union Local 613 - Ottawa

Ottawa Ottawa


Cornmeal crusted Catfish with stewed okra and warm fingerling potatoes with liver
The catfish was okay - I didn't really enjoy the cornmeal crust or the stewed okra (but of the options on the menu - this was probably the one thing I felt would give me bang for my buck). 
I also struggled with the sides menu - I don't like the texture of grits, I can't take jalapeno peppers, I'm not a fan of liver and I didn't feel like cornbread when I was getting cornmeal fish. The potatoes had quite a bit of the liver vinaigrette - which didn't really work for me.
Top: Catfish and cornbread and Fried chicken and grits
The chicken was okay inside, but it was pretty dry on the outside and my friends who got the cornbread got a little bit of food poisoning the next day (glad I dodged that). 

Overall: For a $36 meal (taxes in), I can't say I particularly enjoyed this meal - it was mostly because the menu this week didn't really appeal to me and I felt like I had limited choices.  

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